The start of another year means big things in the design world! As the latest and greatest products are unveiled at two major trade shows, it gives designers the first opportunity to see which designs made the final cut after years of inspiration.

We caught up with Jessica McConnell, a color, material and finish designer at Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Center for Design. Jessica had the opportunity to walk the show floor at one of the biggest home design shows and she gave us a look ahead at some of the biggest design trends of 2016.


Contemporary Design –

Ornate, traditional design is giving way to a more clean, and modern look. Expect to see more kitchens and baths using cabinetry with a fresh and contemporary design.


Integration –

Home builders are incorporating clean, flush designs throughout the home. Integrating windows, sliding glass doors , hardware and lighting for a more streamlined design.


Warm Tones –

After years of cool tones like nickel and chrome ruling the fixture world, 2016 is the return of the warm tones. Gold and brass make a big comeback while newcomer rose gold is making a bold statement in fixtures, hardware and lighting.


Matte Finishes –

Like brass and gold, matte finishes are nothing new in the design world but as the saying goes what was once old is new again. Matte finishes are quickly becoming the new standard with across many products and price points.


Natural mixed with Modern –

Sleek, modern design is getting a more natural makeover. Home interiors are blending contemporary design with rustic touches like reclaimed wood, natural stone and warm tones. The warm finishes and natural elements make a modern design more pleasant and inviting.


Incorporating these trends into your home doesn’t take a whole remodel or a large budget. Jessica says there are plenty of inexpensive, easy ways to incorporate these trends into your design.

Start small and go from there. Adding a few accent pieces or throw pillows can really do a lot for a room. From there you can incorporate new lamps and cabinet hardware to finish the look.