Usually, we’re trying to help homeowners make their garages LESS scary. You know, scary things like the rake lying on the floor that could cause you to hit yourself in the head like a cartoon character or the creepy black oily substance in a random bucket in the corner. But we are a brand who likes organization and knowing what’s in buckets… so it may not surprise you to know we sometimes find disorganization scary.

But let’s say you have a pretty friendly garage. It’s organized and tidy. But it’s Halloween! Let’s make the garage scary in a ghoulish sort of way and tell the neighborhood kids the garage is haunted.

One fun thing to do is to create Halloween feel boxes. Use boxes or buckets to fill with various household food and props. Damp, coarse sponges could represent brains while cooked, thick, round noodles could be worms. Or, try dried apricots as dried out tongues and peeled grapes as eyeballs. YUCK!

Put a blindfold on each kid and have them feel the contents telling them the “scary” version of what’s inside. The final box should have a hole in the bottom to use as an armhole. When the kid puts their hand inside to feel around, they’ll be surprised when a hand grabs them!

For decorating ideas, use a GearLocker as a jack-in-the-box. Secure a plastic skeleton to the inside of the locker with a long enough string that when the locker is opened, the skeleton comes right out at them stopping in the knick of time.

For an adult Halloween party, the key may be having enough cold beverages on ice. That’s when the Gladiator® bottle opener comes in handy, along with the Chillerator® Garage Refrigerator. If you need a place to serve your “mummies in a blanket”, “rabid roasted chicken” or “brain spaghetti”, use a 6’ or 8’ Workbench as a buffet line.

Have fun!