Packing away clothing can be difficult, but pulling out faded, misshapen and musty garments next season can be even more frustrating. Keep your warm-weather clothing bright through the winter and your cold-weather clothing cozy throughout the summer by taking the proper fabric care steps.

  • Make sure clothing is washed and free from stains. Stains can appear months later if fabric is stored unclean.
  • If the care label recommends dry cleaning that favorite sweater, take it to the dry cleaner before storing. To save yourself some time and money, check the care label first since not all wool sweaters need to head to the dry cleaner. If wool is labeled “hand wash,” use the washer’s hand wash or wool cycle with cool water. Easy care wool knits can be cleaned on the gentle or wool cycle of your washer with warm water. When the cycle is finished, dry on a flat surface away from direct heat or sunlight.
  • Before storing, make sure clothes are completely dry and have room to breathe.
  • Fold and stack knits loosely, do not hang them. Instead of using garment bags, use clean storage boxes. Not going on a trip for awhile? Store clothes for next season in a suitcase.